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Upcoming Spring Sale

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  • Saturday March 22nd
    Attend the CSU Field Day and CSU Private Treaty Bull Sale

    Join us for the Early Customer gathering for dinner and a tour of the Budweiser brewery.

  • Sunday, March 23rd
    Seminar: Plan to Build a More Profitable Cowherd Learn More about:
    • Two Pathways to Increased Profit.
    • Why Leachman Angus & Red Angus Maximize Carcass Value
    • How to Use $Profit to Pick Better Replacement Heifers.
    • Market Your Calves to Feeders Who Pay for Reputation Feeder Cattle
    • Join $Profit Share and start Calculating $Profit on Your Seedstock Herd
    • Banquet: Great western entertainment and the best smoked
    prime rib you’ve ever eaten.
    • Don’t miss Lee Leachman’s Outlook presentation.
    • Enjoy Waddie Mitchell and the music of Sons & Brothers
    • Bring your whole family!

  • Monday, March 24th
    Leachman’s Top 100 Yearling Females
    ▪ Handpicked
    ▪ Top $Profit
    ▪ If you want to buy the best, don’t miss this
    first time offering.
    Leachman’s Top 450 $Profit Bulls
    ▪ The highest $Profit average ever.
    ▪ Over half are heifer bulls.

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